Brief: Groundwork & General Building

Location: Harlow

Value: £500k

Units: 0

  • Cleaning and Clearance
  • General Building
  • Groundworks


The project will encompass a diverse range of essential works to enhance and maintain the overall infrastructure and aesthetic appeal of the site. This will include trench works to install or repair underground utilities. In addition, we will undertake tarmac repairs to address any areas that are damaged or worn out. The project will also involve constructing robust kiosk bases and associated trenches that are vital for housing important electrical equipment. Another crucial aspect will be the thorough clearance of the site compound, ensuring it is clean, orderly, and compliant with safety regulations. To facilitate the smooth progression of the project, a comprehensive site setup will be established, encompassing all necessary equipment and facilities. Furthermore, we will implement replacements of rainwater system fittings to prevent water damage and enhance the longevity of the infrastructure. Welding works will be carried out to fortify the balconies, ensuring their safety and structural integrity. Finally, the project will include the strategic bricking up of balanced flues to optimize the efficiency of the heating systems.